It is time we “Bring Tampa back to the Neighborhoods!”

For too long City Council has focused their attention on the growth of downtown. I believe it is time we bring the attention back to the neighborhoods. Each neighborhood of Tampa has greatness in it. I will work hard to ensure each neighborhood receives the focus and attention it deserves so that every street and home in Tampa benefits from our growth.

Tampa’s infrastructure problems have been ignored for too long. I will work with our City officials to properly utilize the funds from the passage of the 2018 Yes on Transportation initiative to adequately repair and maintain roads and sidewalks, fill pot holes, and reduce flooding throughout Tampa.

I will fight to ensure Tampa residents have a variety of transportation options to alleviate the congestion we face on a daily basis. This could include solutions like expansion of the street car, autonomous vehicles, ride-sharing platforms, and bus rapid transit. I also believe Tampa should do more to protect pedestrians and bicycle commuters. I will be an advocate for our pedestrians and bicycle commuters by supporting initiatives to create more bike lanes and safe crosswalks throughout Tampa.

I will ensure Tampa’s economic growth continues. Through fiscal responsibility and wise investments, I will make sure Tampa continues to be one of the best cities in the nation to visit, work, and live. I will advocate for policies that encourage growth that brings new and innovative ideas to Tampa, while simultaneously honoring the beautiful historic values and designs we love.

Help me make these issues a reality!